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Default Knives and such.

I am looking at the Mark Richmond Gyuto Artifex 210, not a real expensive knife at 74.00 but a lot better than what I have now. I would like to have the addict but I think a 240 mm is just a bit long for me on the blade, what do you prefer in length? The addict is more, but has a better grade of steel and I like the height of the heel 46.5 vs 43.4 on the Artifex 210, but the Addict only comes in 240 or larger, and the Artifex can be had in the 240 mm.

Still trying to justify getting the Wicked edge system but it is a goodly amount to spend, even on the cheap side of 275.00, and I would need some other grits ect. This is especially true when Bucc just posted about a stone from JCK for 70.00, just not sure I can master the angles and the Wicked Edge should make that a much easier why to go, but an expensive one.

I am not set on the Richmond the question was more geared for the issue of length. I know there are others just as good or better, its just a good price range for me, and I have heard good things about them.
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