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Default A little smoked Chuck Roast/Pot Roast/Stew/Soup/Whatever

Mrs Kapn is on the road for a bit helping with GrandKiddos in Md., so I just needed some Comfort Food!!

When I smoke Chuckies, I always do several extra and portion them out to VacuSuck for later.
I pull them off the smoker in the low 180's or so and finish the cook later to soften them up and to meld the smoke flavor with the broth and veggies.

Started with this from the freezer yesterday:

Removed from Bag and into the oven (partially frozen) with a can of beef broth at 275 for about 2 hours.

Added some veggies and other goodies and back into the oven for an hour or so.

Put 1/2 in a bowl and chowed down.
Pull apart tender!

Did a "Jiffy Mix" CI Skillet cornbread with some cheese added--too hungry to take pics at that point!

Good Eats!

The other 1/2 is my lunch for today!

Thanks for looking.

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