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Wow. Now thats some info I really wanted to see Eggspert.

I try to leave the probe an inch away from the meat so I will try to move it a little farther away. I too try to keep the cord aligned with the platesetter legs.Not in the "vent" area. I was running the ribs at 275. The stoker showed anywhere from 274 to 276. The dome temp wasn't 50 plus but more like 20+. I may have an issue if it should be closer to 50 difference.

I will dial the daisy back to 50% and let it rattle a little. Maybe this will help. As far as 5cfm fan, when its running it is blowing strong. Maybe because I have the daisy wheel open to far? But it is definitely moving some air. I have video of it but not sure how to post. I guess I should confirm its a 5cfm too. Just assumed it was based on its size and order placed.

I wasn't clear on the water pan in regards to increased fan cycles and charcoal usage. Thanks for the heads up.

One thing I am pretty sure I did wrong to the ribs was rub them and let them sit over night. Apparently you are supposed to put it on right before they go on or close to it??

Thanks again.
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