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I got the nano q and love it. Yeah I need to have another temp controller with it but I have that already. I didn't want the ique because it looks like I might break it is week. I am rough with my toys as well. I am sure they both work the Same.
Why do feel it is weak? The case is 0.100" polycarbonate, the material used in expensive medical instrument enclosures. The air tube is 0.063" EPDM, manufactured by the same guys that make respirator hoses for firefighters. We had a UPS truck back over a fallen box, smashing everything inside, and the IQ still worked. The probe is delicate and requires care in handling; you have to be gentle when passing it under the lid, keep it out of the fire, and you can't yank on it like you do your power cords out of the wall. Other than that, many, many are in the field and only a very small percentage fail. The problem is that, with a few exceptions, you only read the posts of unsatisfied customers. And with a 30 day money back guarantee (probe not included), what's to lose?
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