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Originally Posted by funugy View Post
I went with the IQ becuase of the price. It is simple and easy, with no frills. I did have to re-solder the contacts for the temp probe and power on the main board as they came loose. I am a bit rough with my toys. Other than that, I have had no problems.

I don't know if I could justify something more expensive at this point since all any of them do is blow air when the temp gets too low. I have checked the accuracy of the temp probe and have been satisfied with it's accuracy.
When we first started shipping the present generation (surface mount power/temp jacks sticking out of side of case), we started building them with a reel of power jacks from Adam Tech (p/n ADC-028-1). Turned out that these were defective and internal spring pressure would cause them to deform during the reflow process. Long story short, the manufacturer admitted they were defective, but a couple dozen made it to the field. They passed production test and worked for a while but the mechanical integrity of the solder joint was compromised and some failed. Most were recalled, repaired, and returned. Sorry you had to repair your own but it's cool that you can!
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