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Found some matches.
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What I'd like is a large carousel style smoker. I've used a few different smokers and I do know what I don't like. I'm not a fan of a smoke box on the back of the smoker, like southern Yankees smokers, I do like a smoke box further away form the meat, more of a gravity feed system. I'd like a smoker grill combo and a holding box, but they aren't a must have. But mostly I'd like to know what everyone likes and why and what they don't like and why. I've been looking at so many plans, and smokers, I'm overwhelmed at this point. My budget will sort of be determined by what I decide to go with. We have a friend who's a master welder, fabricator who's going to be building it for us. I'd like to give him some kind of a plan we can tweak to fit our needs.
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