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AAWW Shucks, Thank you guys for all of your appreciation. I am truly taken back by your gratitude.
Originally Posted by code3rrt View Post
But really.......Juicy juice??????
Hey man, you gotta do what you gotta do, you know. Plus juicy juice is like 95% apple juice anyway.

As far as the mixer, I told my wife ten years ago, that if it ever breaks we will get her the bigger one. There is just one small problem...IT WONT DIE. I promise you, my machine did 40 pounds of PP with no problem. All be told it took me like 15 minutes to shred all of that and that is portioning it and putting it in the tins for transport.

Smokinjohn, no none of my guys are married to those women, but some of the wives do work with one of them.

Thanks again guys, I have about two more cooks on the egg before I split so, Ill put some superbowl pron up. I tried to ship my egg to country but I couldn't, so I am going to build a uds there. It should be interesting.
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