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Default WTF do people consider GOOD Barbecue?

Sorry I don't post here too much... But.

WTF do people consider GOOD Barbecue? AND WHY? What are BBQ joints selling? I mean maybe before I ASK the brethren, I should say why, Yesterday I cooked up a 10 lb Flat, USDA choice, I was unimpressed, I screwed up the weather report and my smoker stayed between 300 and 275... I thought I dried it out and it was tough by my standard. 185 internal after only 7 hours, no I don't foil, but I mean I GUESS I got the results I wanted, sorta, I usually go way low and slow on Brisket not kinda hot and pretty fast... the boys was like "bangin" "on point" "Incredible". IMO if I'da boxed it it would have been a contender in the worst box thread. Matter of fact I brought sauce that I whipped up cause I thought it sucked so bad, but they only put on sauce cause they liked the sauce and the meat was awesome without it?????.... What the heck... I understand that MOST people aren't used to competition quality Q, but they talk about local Q places I haven't hit in the same manner, I feel a LOT more apprehensive on trying them.. I also put 3 bare naked fatties up for grabs, Jamestown Hot Sausage I think. In all 7 dudes and 13 lbs of meat ( pre cooked) GONE by noon. Makes me feel a LOT less confident in my local BBQ joints. Guess I'll only check out the top ones with most reviews. I admit this isn't a Brisket area, but I KNOW I probably wouldn't have botched pulled pork that bad, I wonder if the review wouldn't have been the same?

this cook woulda been PrON worthy to show you HOW bad I thought it was almost and it knocked 'em dead? Somehow, that somewhat bothers me.

Is our national BBQ IQ too low?
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