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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Thanks for the ideas. I don't think it was damp or wet, it was just out the bag.

The smoke was white. When I start the fire I've been using two starter cubes in the back corner under the briquets and then letting the fire work it's way over. I add wood a little to the sides of where I light it. Should I wait until the smoke is thin blue, then add wood, then add meat?

I didn't want to let it burn almost out before I added more, but I certainly didn't trickle it in. I added a healthy couple of scoops. I dial it back and add more often if needed, since the BWS comes back to temp pretty easily.

If the fire is moving radially out from where is started, where's the best place to add more? Where it started, since it's "moved on" from that point?
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