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Default First GOOD thermometers?

Hey, i've only recently joined up and this is my first thread, but have been reading for a good while.

I'm finally sick of my rough ****ty thermometers and i'm looking at getting something for my Weber Kettle to get some accurate reads. I'm a bit split between what to get first, a Thermapen & Tel-Tru gauge to drill through the lid or side, or a Maverick ET732. I'll end up getting them all over time, but to start, i'm not sure what to go for first, and thought you guys might have some decent advice.

The Thermapen has a wide range of uses, I guess and a hardware therm on my Weber is a must sooner or later, but the Maverick would offer a detailed look at my heat wrangling, and could benefit my skills quicker.

Also, when drilling in a hardware thermometer to a Weber Kettle, i'm thinking of doing it either near the grill under the vent, or perhaps through the bottom bell, right near the grill. Haven't really seen many people put them here, so I was wondering if there's a reason for that.

Thanks guys.
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