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Default Cook chamber reduction

Yesterday during my cook I tried something new. I used my firebox grill grate and covered it with HD foil and made a 3" dia. hole in the far side if the grate (away from the firebox). I slid this in right above my briskets and pork butt. I was thinking that by reducing the size of the cook chamber I would have to use less fuel to keep the sucker up to temp.

It didn't seem any different. I'm thinking the reduction in draft was just enough that I hade a trade off. If the draft was the same as an open chamber, I would have acheived the same temp. (theoritically)

Long story short. The temp spikes and valleys were less with the smaller cook box. It took me significantly less time to get the chamber temp up prior to the cook. However, I think I got alot more of the "nasty's" or volatiles hanging around in the cook box longer than normal, as evidenced by the huge amount of residual smoke schmag. The stuff didn't make the meat taste bad at all, in fact didn't even get on the meat but it was a mess. (I guess it coulda been charred grease?)

All told I went through 2.5 bags of RO lump and two bags of Hickory chunks during a 14 hour cook using the minion method, with the 15th hour being at a temp of about 280 for a quick chickie cook. Too me that seems like waaaaay to much fuel. I would say my fire management skills are pretty good and I just can't figure this one out. What do you guy's think? Is this alot of fuel for that long of a cook?

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Thoughts guys????
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