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Default smoked me some ribs yesterday

Saturday i was trollin the internet lookin for possibly a brine to try something different wit a couple racks of ribs. Ididn't find anything apealing ( but i did find this site by the way!) so i started looking for rubs and sauces to try. I found a basic Kansas city rub and matching sauce recipe. So i decided to try that (using the 321) I made the sauce and rub both saturday . I popped some burgers on the gas grill and tried out the sauce on them as a test run and was quite surprised . the only thing was i used just a little too much cayenne for most but it was to my liking. So i fired up old stinky and went to work yesterday morning on tearing off the membrane , puttin on the rub and all that goes with it. I used apple wood and charcoal and while they were in the foil i used some ash that i had cut down myself. when all was said and done i had done one of my best racks of ribs ever!! I can say this i've been smoking for 3 or 4 years now and have never used the same recipe twice. I will probably use this one again only modifying the sauce to taste. But i'm still looking for that one recipe
to call my own. One thing i like about this hobbie is i haven't stopped learning!!! Any ways this weekend i'll do a brisquet for the super bowl
( still looking for a good brisquet recipe to!!)
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