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I actually like the Season 2 format (which I assume is similar in Season 3/4?? made it that far yet) better, but only if they got rid of/changed the side challenges. I thought it was stupid to send a team off because they had the worst side. I'm with CD... best set up would be pick a meat and a side and see who wins.

However I understand that since it's made for TV and they are going for "drama" they probably need to keep the challenges in the middle. My suggestion would be to not punish a team for last, but reward a team for first. Some kind of advantage...they can pick if the go 1st, 2nd, or so on...they get 10 extra minutes to plate, etc... Might not be a "realistic" comp but it's also a reality show so...

The only thing I didn't like about the first season was that it was the same teams. There were parts of that I found interesting but I like seeing different teams get more different processes. Johnny Trigg isn't changing the way he makes his ribs...after an episode it's the same stuff. When you change teams you get different styles.
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