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Originally Posted by 305Q View Post
I personally have enjoyed BBQ my whoe life. My grandfather is excellent on his stick burner. I have a pretty good pallate when it comes to food ;)

The smoke was "invisible", I used 2 1/4 aplle wood chunks with about a half ring of coal and used the minion style. I used meatheads "memphis dust" rub ***maybe thats what did it*** on the ribs and spritzed every hour. The legs were marinated in lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper.

pegged 225 and maintained for the duration of the cook. a little under 3 hours for the legs, close to 4 ((weeeeeee bit over)) for the baby backs.

My taste buds thought it tasted good. There is a place down here...well in Fort Lauderdale called Tom Jenkins and mine were as juicy, tender and tug off the bone as theirs. Flavor profile was different. Wife doesnt like their ribs either. Nor does she like Shorty's ((a bbq chain that is horendous)).

Even when my firend coal grills burgers she says they are smokey and seems to have brainwashed the kiddlets into tasting the same way she does.

I love her none the less.
I guess you know what your doing, I stand corrected:). My apologies!

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