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Default Adventures with the HD, and NSF Cookers

Well, thanks to many of for all the support, questions answered, and ideas challenged.

In all scenarios below, I would be prepping all sides at the kitchen, and cooking the meats on-site.
It may also help if I clarify that Minneapolis is within Hennepin county, but they are under their own jurisdiction regarding HD stuff. Very similar to Hennepin county, but different.
I have found out, in Minneapolis, I will need an NSF smoker to cook at parties, private or public. Minneapolis is where my kitchen will be licensed.
If I cook for a party outside of Minneapolis, but still in Hennepin county, Hennepin county HD could care less about NSF as long as it's a private party.
So here is what I need to figure out:
1. Bite the bullet, and pay for the NSF trailer cooker now - more expensive, but legal no matter where I cook.
2. Buy a good trailer smoker (non-NSF) - cheaper now, but can't cook in Minneapolis.

Note: The majority of my clients come from the surrounding suburbs of Minneapolis.

So I just wanted to hear some thoughts from the Veteran caterers.

Also, who has the best NSF trailer smoker? Would love an Ole Hickory, but not so mobile. I was looking at the Southern Pride 300 mobile. Anyone have the 300?
2 - WSM 18.5, 1 - WSM 22.5, and 1 - ECB Smoke n Pit.

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