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Originally Posted by chriscw81 View Post
I actually use the Weber charcoal holders now only because they make it easier to clean up and save charcoal. Before I got the holders I used your method and it worked great. I did have to keep my lower vent almost closed to keep the temp below 400 sometimes, but not always. Man, I love my kettle! I wanna be buried with it! It's smoking a tri-tip for me right now as I type.

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You can do anything on a kettle! I am sure I will be using my UDS a lot when I build it in a couple weeks, but now, 90% of my Q'ing is done on my OTG. In the last 3 weeks, I've made 2 briskets, two butts, and 2 chickens on it. And I've even got my method down on briskets to the point where I can maintain 10-12 hours at 220 on a single load of coals with no water pan (which is great for overnight cooks when I want it done for lunchtime the next day and don't want to wake up early for a HnF cook).

I love my mini-WSM (heck, I've even cooked a packer on it) but I always seem to come back to the kettle. I imagine the UDS will be even easier to use once I have gotten used to it, but I am guessing that if I were told I could only keep one cooker (even after I have UDS experience) it would be my kettle.
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