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Default The "right" type of smoke

(sorry no pics)

In a smoke this weekend, I did some pork ribs after a quick salmon smoke. During the latter part of the rib smoke and before I added a turkey breast (for a neighbor since the smoker was hot)...I added some additional briquets. I don't have the specific brand, but they say natural, no filler, etc. I added them unlit to keep the temp going. After I pulled the ribs and the turkey breast it seemed like the outsides were covered with more black smoke residue and had a "creosotey" flavor/taste vs wood smoke. The meat inside was much better.

My questions are 1) does that make sense or is that normal for smoking and 2) if it's an issue is it because I put unlit briquets in and when they started up they released "bad smoke." The folks at BWS recommended natural briquets vs. lump...just not kingsford.

Thanks for any thoughts to help me keep dialing it in.
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