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Originally Posted by Enkidu View Post
A very nice woman answered the phone and told me they would send me a free replacement food probe despite it being beyond warranty! No hassle! I didn't even ask if they would do it, she just offered to do it right away without any thought or hesitation!

Talk about outstanding customer service!

Now this is how you do it right!

Maverick just got themselves a customer for life who won't hesitate to recommend them to everyone. I wish more companies did things the right way like this!
I had a similar experience with Maverick. I bought at ET-73 last July, and about two weeks ago the smoker probe went bad during a 12 hour brisket cook. I called Maverick and they offered to send me a new one, no questions asked. I also ordered a new food probe (which I paid for).

After doing a bunch of research, it became apparent that the probes often go bad because moisture gets into the probe at the point where the wire enters the body of the probe. So, when I got the new probes, I put a dab of food-safe silicone at the point where the wire enters the probe. When the silicone dried, I covered it with food-safe heat shrink tubing. The tubing didn't quite shrink enough to seal on the wire, but it did seal nicely over the probe and the silicone. I'm hoping that the silicone and heat shrink tubing will help the probes last longer.

My $.02. HTH.
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