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I am thinking about cooking some spares for lunch. Haven't cooked ribs in ages and have had a hankering. That said, it will be for me and the wife. I'll actually be watching the game at a bar with friends later.

I am still too depressed that my Seahawks blew what would have been one of the top 5 greatest come-backs in playoff history against Atlanta (due to crappy coaching... I am NOT a Pete Carrol fan). I just have a feeling we would have beaten San Fran and made it it to the the Superbowl if we could have held on for those last 30 seconds.

I suppose I am rooting for Baltimore for three reasons. First, it is really really hard to root for your division rival. Second, it would be cool for Ray Lewis to finish his career with another ring. Third, my wife and all her family are from Cleveland and they are the most bitter sports fans on Earth, whether it is about the Ravens or LeBron, and I am so tired of listening to my wife's family's bitter grudges (my wife agrees with me about Clevelanders).
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