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Default Awesome customer service from Maverick!!!

So, I bought my Maverick ET-732 last Summer and have loved it up until few weeks ago when, in the middle of a cook, my meat probe went out on me. Naturally, the probe went out after the expiration of my 90-day warranty despite my taking very good care of the equipment. Just now, I called Maverick to tell them about it and see what it would cost to replace.

A very nice woman answered the phone and told me they would send me a free replacement food probe despite it being beyond warranty! No hassle! I didn't even ask if they would do it, she just offered to do it right away without any thought or hesitation!

Talk about outstanding customer service!

Now this is how you do it right!

Maverick just got themselves a customer for life who won't hesitate to recommend them to everyone. I wish more companies did things the right way like this!
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