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This weekend I had a going away party for my guys. We have a 9 month long all inclusive paid vacation to Afghanistan coming up. I asked them what they wanted to eat, and all 25 of them wanted pulled pork. so I obliged. All in all there were about 60 people there with families included. I didn't get any shots at the party. My phone died, and we forgot our camera, because I was running late. These are the pictures that I did manage to take. The party was a great success. The food was great, and all of the families had a good time.

A picture of my dudes. I'm the one in front.

I got up at 4am to get the egg going so I could get it steady before I went off to PT at 745. It was 22 degrees out and lightly snowing.

I bought five pork shoulder picnics to cook. I injected them with the chris Lilly recipe. Unfortunately I didn't have apple juice, but I used juicy juice fruit punch, and it turned out just fine.

I got everything on the cooker around 6 am

I ran home around 10am to check on the meat. Everything was going great.

They started getting done around 3. I cooked them until the lowest temp I found in the meat was 195. Then I pulled and wrapped for two hours. This is one of them straight from the grill.

I took this one out of the foil to pull it, and when I unwrapped it, it literally fell apart. This is the most tender pork I have ever cooked. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Faced with the prospect of pulling five giant pieces of meat by myself, I caved and used my mixer, which I have never done until this point. I will never pull meat by hand again.

After 20-30 seconds in the mixer

If I can find some pictures of the party, I heard a rumor there might be some out there, I will edit and put them on. Thank you for looking. Cheers.
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