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Originally Posted by FireChief View Post
That's the difference when running a stick burner, you have to tend the fire. Even on my horizon, I'll get a good 2 - 2.5 hours off my initial load running solid at about 250F average. After that I'll need to add a log about every 1 - 1.5 hrs depending on what temp I'm wanting to cook at. I've used set it and forget it vertical type smokers and wouldn't change fire tending for anything. Love it.
That's pretty much exactly what happens with my Brazos. When I have time, I prefer the experience of cooking on the offset. It's just more fun being "involved" in the process and doing it old school Texas-style. My WSM is more convenient if I have to be doing other things while cooking but I can't seem to generate near the bark on it that I get on the offset. One reason I bought the Brazos was that I had been cooking on a NBBD-type smoker and the Old Country unit had all the mods already in place. I had a thousand dollar budget and I shopped long and hard before deciding the Brazos gave me the most bang for the buck. I do hanker for the counterweight on the Horizon, though. That lid is really a chore to throw open.
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