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Default Questions

I want to make sure I understand your product before I offer to buy one from you.

1) It will have two heavy duty probes - What wire length?
2) Probes can be used for pit / food or food / food.
3) Thermometer will measure in F or C?
4) The range will be what?
5) It can be powered by either a provided ac to dc converter or a Li Ion battery which can be bought locally?
6) Will it connect via wifi to a Apple MAC mini, ipad or an Itouch 4G?
7) Will you sell extra probes? If so how much?
8 Have you thought about mutiple temp probes for various meats cooking at the same time? Like 3 or 4 meat probes?
9) Are the stainless steel temp probes straight or bent at a 90 degree angle. I would prefer straight as I have a port for probe entry into my PCC Meat Monster that is over 2" thick and I always have to straighten out the bent probes.

And the current cost is estimated at $58.00 US if preordered.

I like the idea and want one depending on the answers above.

Thanks for your reply, and thanks for coming up with the great ideas to make BBQ more fun!!!!
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