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Default Beef Back ribs, weber kettle and temps

Hey there... I have 2 racks (each split in half) on a Weber Kettle.
I put them on when the temp got to 200. It's pretty cold out here in So California (well, by our standards anyhow :) ) at 55 degrees and when I put the lid back on, the temp(grate level, near food) has taken 40 min to climb back up to 150. The top thermometer attached to the dome is 235... seems like a big discrepancy.

Just let it be? Any idea how to compensate if needed? I don't want the parts at the top of the kettle to be all burned and dry and the bottoms be so-so. As of now, I'm adjusting my vents to keep the top at about 250 or less and hoping that the bottom comes up too.

Any other words of advise?

thanks :) (GOD, I love this forum!!)
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