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Not an expert on the science, but guess since you are in college (like me) you are probably in a dorm or small apartment. Which means you likely have an electric stove and oven. Correct me if i'm wrong..

Anywho, I think the secret to the difference is in the products of combustion. Natural gas in a gas oven burns extremely clean and completely, leaving very little by-product to affect the meat aside from the heat. In an electric oven, there is no combustion, so therefore no by-products.

Its the by-products produced by charcoal's incomplete combustion that makes BBQ meat so different than oven meat. You add another variable when you are introducing hardwood and fruit wood. Ultimately, the by-products "stick" to the meat and make it taste ohhh so good!

So what are the by-products?? Lots of nasty stuff that "known to the state of California can cause cancer, birth defects, upset stomach, head ache, soar throat, burnt finger syndrome, yada yada yada.......and death." Good thing we don't live in California eh?!
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