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Default Too much pron

I have not posted in a while...been very busy. I still have been taking pron of my cooks though. Here is pron from when I was back in Cleveland for winter break and some cooks from school where I just have a stove.

I cannot find the link to the video but it has been posted on here. It's a video of some farmers who butcher their meat and show how to use each part of the pig. Well I have been using their recipe for pork chops while at school. Basically they sear it in a CI skillet full of fat from the pig (I used duck fat) and then add red wine, red wine vinegar, and sugar to the pan after taking out the meat and it blends with the drippings in the pan to make a killer sauce.

Some salmon I did in the same CI skillet while at school. When I do salmon on the CI, I like to get a nice salty crust on it.

Okay on to the BBQ. Brisket and PP for the National Championship. The Irish were bad, but at least the food wasn't
Brisky fresh off the smoker. Never wrapped, rubbed with some SM peppered cow and then salt and pepper. Cooked at 280-315

Pulled Pork cooked above the brisky on the drum

My plate

Beef Ribs I did right after Christmas

Finally some simple chicken breasts and thighs and some ABTs done on the 22.5 OTS

I am now away from my smoker and back at school and this site is the only thing keeping me from going into BBQ withdrawals. Well that, and my Christmas presents...

I got to go to Charleston, SC after Christmas for our family reunion. It was a great time with fresh Charleston oysters and a great paella my aunt made. Luckily I ended up catching some red drums to add to the paella. However, I had to resort to using the sharpest knife I could find at the beach house we rented so cleaning the fish did not go as smooth as I would have liked.

Luckily, the house had a much better view than it did knives.

Sorry for the extremely long post. I will try and stay on top of my pron from now on
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