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Originally Posted by jrn View Post
Cool! Thanks landarc.

Something that crossed my mind. My drum source rarely has open tops. So at that point I'm a closed top, weber lid kinda guy. We know sometimes a weber lid fits one's drum, but a lot of times either the drum or the lid has to be modified to fit properly. I was thinking if one was to lay the rebar on top of the drum, like Paul's BIL, then a weber lid would sit atop the rebar right nicely. No mods necessary! Plus if one already has a uds, then they could easily swap between hanging the meat or using cooking grates, at their discretion. Two styles in one! Jason
I think you are going to want a tighter fit than what I think you are proposing will give you. But, maybe not, in any event, the trick is going to be that you want at least as airtight a fit as on a Weber kettle (which is not all that perfect actually). The key in any build, of any smoker, is air control. You simply have to be able to control how much air is getting to your fire to control the heat. (except with a pellet cooker, that controls the fuel feed and heating element that ignites the pellets)
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