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General habits.
I take out a kitchen knife and a steel that is kept in the same place.
I stroke the knife along the steel, put the steel back and use the knife.
I towel the knife when using, and hand wash and dry when finished.
If it is high carbon (majority of mine) I then use edible oil and wipe, especially the cutting edge before storing.
When the knife has a slightly slower feel (tomatoes are great for indicating knife dullness) I use the 4000 grit and sharpen with 5 or six strokes.
If the shape of the edge needs work, then I use the 1000 6 times before using the 1000
My knives are in pretty good form, but show all the signs of a lot of use.
Some of them are 30 years old and have led hard lives.
The weight of your chef knife resting on a tomato should drop through the tomato with the slightest movement, and the halved tomato should be dry.
No cell bursting juice should be on the surface of the tomato. And that is precisely where landarcs and my preferences differ.
I can't get that if my blade has any saw teeth microscopically, too much hostility in the cut.
This aspect gives you a learning curve because if you don't rest your meat long enough, for example, you slice it and think"great,it's rested because no juice leakage" but soon it bleeds like a pig.
Lol, there are pros mostly but that one caught me a few times
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