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Originally Posted by SmokingJo View Post
Thank you Bucc, just ordered one 1000/4000!
Can you suggest how to use it, when to use the 4000 and when the 1000?
Thanx and bye, Gianni
Okay, let's freak some brothers out!
When: GREAT question, don't remember ever being asked it!
When I am about to use an unfamiliar knife at a friends, or am testing my own knife, I invert it holding it in my natural dominant hand so the edge is on top.
I place my thumb on the thick back of the knife and lay my fingertips (all of them!) on the edge.i press gently.
My brain warns me of the sharpness,or else I get to press quite hard.
Next, without ant pressure but with the lightest of touches, I run my fingers along the edge.
Trust your intelligence and senses.
Even a razor will not pierce our miraculous tough skin doing this, but it will send alarm signals telling you the edge is hail sharp.
Most knives are not that sharp so you can quickly tell whether you need to use a stone and work it or not.
Now if you have diabetes or something that interferes with the ability to feel accurately, it is at this point you collect your fingertips and head to the hospital.
Landarc is right about the stones to use.
Remember to douse with water and no oil or anything.
Watch some experts on YouTube, watch and read the sharpening info at the site linked here.
Also, once you have this habit, remember to warn visitors.
People who cook with blunt knives have dangerous techniques because they use too much force and are always slashing themselves with your knives.
Hold my dang beer...
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