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Originally Posted by Nate749 View Post
I cant believe you would still ask that? I mean honestly I know imitation is the biggest form of flattery but really? Why don't you call Noah and ask him and see if he tells you, or better yet just buy one and measure the freak out of it and go through the hassle of returning it and then be honest about returning it and make your clone. Im not chopping on you but since Noah isn't on here to defend himself I think someone kinda should.

Put it this way.. How would you feel if you had to train someone at work and I mean train them give them all your little tricks tips and insight and bam you were released from your position and you never saw it coming and now that person is reaping from the knowledge you gave them. Thats how I look at it.

I have never met or talked to Noah or Patio but I understand why this tread made him upset.. He reviewed and I also reviewed this cooker and others also not to brag and say this is better than anything else out there. I liked it because it was simple and easy to use. I love BBQ and this site has made me a 1000% times better at it but lately with my schedule I needed an easy cooker to continue to enjoy bbq and this seemed like it was it. And it worked for me.

I'm not trying to offend or stir the pot, I am a new guy here and I like it here but I believe respect for someone else's product goes a long way. I feel directly copying someones product is a cheap shot.. but thats just me
Did u not read our stance on this or are u choosing to ignore it?

Please read or re-read my previous post.

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