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Default Reconsidering Knife/Sharpener Choices

Expensive knives/expensive sharpener or inexpensive knives/cheap sharpener?

I know that knives are very personal and that very few things are as beautiful and such a pride to own than a very fine knife. I am talking about day-to-day use in the kitchen in this thread.

I have used made in Germany Heinkles Pro-S knives for at least 20 years, and given Pro-Ss to both of my sons over the years. I have sharpened mine with stones, a Furi system, and for the past couple of years an Edge Pro Apex.

I started with the inexpensive Victorinox 12" Granton Slicer a couple of years ago and then very recently added their Sandoku and then the 8" chef's knife, flexible boning knife and paring knife. After reading the strong recommendation by Cook's Illustrated, I bought the $8.85 AccuSharp Knife and Tool sharpener to see what the fuss was all about.

The Victorinox knives end up in my hand almost every time. I like the thinner blades especially when they are very sharp like my two Japanese knives. The AccuSharp is extremely easy to use and puts a very sharp edge on almost instantly so it gets used much more than the Edge Pro. On the con side the AccuSharp takes off more metal than I am comfortable with with my expensive knives, but knowing how inexpensive the Victorinoxs are, I convince myself they are easily replacable - almost disposable.

(The 8" Chef's knife is especially nice to use. I really like the balance and feel in my hand. The wider blade makes chopping a joy.)

Bottom line is that I have opted for the inexpensive route without realizing it until now.
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