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Well after being up several times last night to stir my traditional fire, it's not a bad idea for consistencies sake. I had made a similar modification to my now retired NB Bandera by installing an electric hot plate in the bottom of it. The metal was so thin that it lost heat like crazy. The hot plate kept it balanced with some standard coals in the firebox. I put a cast iron skillet on the hot plate and that's where I put the wood chips to smolder.

I bought high temp 1300F insulated wire and had rigged up the hot plate controller to it's thermostat, so it was even self-regulating. Embedded it in the bottom of the Bandera with 2" of concrete and a hollow created by one of those metal pans from a stove. It was important to run an electrical ground from the grill to the earth. It was functional, but certainly wouldn't have gotten an UL seal of approval for fail proof electrical work. The concrete provided a great heat sink, so it was much easier afterwards to keep the Bandera at temp. I've seen some other really good Bandera modifications on this forum, but it's too late for mine.
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