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Default Should I be Tarred and Feathered?

Well I've been on the culinary scene for most of my life and in BBQ the past 10 years. Bayoubbq is known around these parts. It's not hard to get a crowds over here when I mention cranking up the pit. Being a machinist and owning my own machine shop, I've always learned work smarter not harder. I have litteraly worn out 2 weber horizontals and finally invested in a oklahoma joes. I sure could have built a nice one myself if only I had the time. Well after working that firebox on this last go I talked myself into taking the plunge. I took an old fish fryer burner and mounted it to the fire box closet to the cooking chamber side. If still can do logs if I feel like being a die hard but man is this so much easier and consistent. Should I be tarred and feathered
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