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Originally Posted by schmitty28 View Post
attempting to make my first batch of burnt ends this weekend and was wondering should the sauce be sweet or spicy or sweet with a spicy kick and is that the same profile for competition bbq or is it all personal pref should they be foiled too during the cook process and how much longer should they go after getting them back to heat after separating the point from the flat (survey says )
1. I usually don't sauce my briskets (either the flat or the burnt ends). That said, variety is the spice of life and I occasionally do. I had some sweet & spicy BBQ sauce that I made previously left over that I used on the brisket I made for my father-in-law's B-day on MLK day. I combined 2 parts sauce with one part drippings from the brisket (strained) and it was pretty darned delicious. I've also combined a sweet & spicy sauce with a vinegar-based sauce and it wasn't bad at all. As with most things, it comes down to personal preference.

2. I am certainly no expert on burnt ends, but when I make them, I put them in an uncovered foil pan and put them back on for typically 60-90 minutes or so. But the length of time depends on several factors. The size of the ends you cube, the temp you are cooking, and your preference for how crispy they are. However, after having made briskets on back-to-back weekends, one in which I prepared burnt ends and the other in which I just sliced and ate the point, I am not sure I will be making a lot of burnt ends in the future since the sliced point is so damned delicious.
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