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Got rid of the matchlight.
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I checked out Spicewine trailers and they are nice.. but I'm not seeing anything on giant trailer backwoods. I guess this is the exact reason I am asking, for answers like this.

Do you mean "like Spicewine Trailers" as in no offset firebox? I made it based on what I have seen, especially in regards to the horizontal smoker+upright combos I have seen. I guess what I am really getting at is, what is better about the Spicewine design that is technically better? I see the trailer smokers on the site but no large enough pics to get any idea of how they are designed. It's hard to get specifics on such small pictures.

Basically I am bringing these plans to a welder and having them put it together so I have to make sure that from an "engineering" standpoint, this smoker looks like it will do its job very well. It's one of those things like Aaron Franklin went through where he spent months making and tuning in a behemoth smoker, only to completely ditch the idea and start from scratch. I most likely don't have the cash like Aaron does to let this build collect rust in my backyard.

Basically I am also looking for those types of answers people wish they had before they built their custom smokers. I could always just throw caution to the wind but I like to learn from other people's mistakes.

1. Would you design the damper and chimney in a way that can be regulated by a temperature control system?

2. It seems MANY pit builders have trailers with the firebox hanging off the back like I have illustrated, but I was thinking.... what happens if you get rear ended? Depending on the vehicle, is it over for your custom smoker?

3. Firebox's clearance from the ground?
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