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Default Noob zone..

An attempt... I do a lot of my stuff on a 22.5 OTG. I still use the brinkmann on long cooks but I have to watch it very closely which will wear you out on 12 + hour runs. I learned by trial and error (makes for a pist wife) and have come a long ways. I am amped to have found this site and have been reading since they cleared me. Enough to buy a PBC and surfing for a UDS.

Some of my novice do's:
The Mogollon Monster, "flied pork tenderloin stuffed with jalapeno's, chopped garlic, chopped smokie sausage and white onion (sautéed first) mixed with cream cheese. Roll it up, make the bacon weave and encase it.

Robicus Abominations
Flied chicken breasts stuffed with anaheim chili pepper (pepper is stuffed with cream cheese, white onion and garlic) wrapped in bacon.

Bourbon / marinade soaked roast's (not my recipe):


Baby backs:
Brinkmann Cimarron / 22.5 OTG on 3rd cooking grate / PBC / Turkey Frier / 22.5 WSM on order.
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