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Default They're ALIVE!!!! 2013 Edition -- Garden growing tips, tricks, pron

I may be jumpin' the shark, but it's time to get the garden ready here in AZ to plant in Feb. so that's what i did this afternoon.

have that pesky AZ clay it's feeeeeeet thick, i dont even know how thick but i removed upwards of 8" of it (by 2.5" by 12 feet) with the help from the rototiller, it's a bear to do it ALL manual labor.

adding another Hugel to the garden, started with the past year's Christmas tree and added buncha organics.

and logs

then buried it with the topsoil i removed before i got down to the clay i used the tiller to help me get out.

Ready now for a nice thick blanket of compost from the city, and i'll be ready to move on and prep up the other hills.

if you arent familiar with the Hugels check this out it turned out some awesome results last year for me, here's hoping this year will be even better on the existing hills and not too shabby on the new one.

also, not doin any big box seeds this year. on top of the seeds i harvested from last years crop, i picked up one of these buckets of seeds, from the local seed place, they harvest locally, and regional seeds dating WAY back.

Have a good growin year all!! it should be an interesting one!
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