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Default New Smoker Trailer... am I doing this right?

Long time lurker, but now I am setting out to have my trailer smoker built. I am in no way a pit builder, or any student of thermal dynamics, welding, or anything of the sort. I designed this pit in a 3d program to try and get an idea from the people on this forum if this looks reasonable.
The smoker is 6ft in length, 4 ft in depth, and 5 ft in height from the base of the trailer. The firebox is 3 ft in depth, 2ft in length, and 2ft in height. I would prefer 1/4" steel for everything except for the firebox. I would like the firebox to be 1/2" steel.

I'm hoping to fit 200-250lb of sausage hanging from the top in one smoke, and 500lbs of brisket, pork shoulder, or chickens in one smoke. Obviously this will be for catering and competition bbq.
My only concern is proper heat disbursement for the entire cabin seeing that it is such a large vessel. I have seen many examples of deflectors, baffles, etc..etc. Here are some examples I found for Horizon BBQ smokers. I know my smoker would be very different than a horizontal/upright combo, but by looking at the examples I think you people get the idea
Here is a simple baffle mod.

Here is a row of slightly larger spaces as the distance from the firebox gets greater

Here is a diagram a guy did of a plate he was going to fabricate:

My questions
1. So would any of these mods work to get a more even temp throughout the smoker?
2. Does this model look "sound" for smoking?
3. With this size, would I be looking at over the 3500lb mark?
Any advice or opinions are much appreciated.
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