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Default Stolen Tri-Tip!!!

Well, not exactly. I went to my local supermarket yesterday and was browsing the meat department. I saw 4 tri-tips, they were ungraded or select. This place doesn't have higher grade meats. So to my surprise one of the four tri-tips looked super super good! I was like and did a double take. I saw the marbling and had no choice but to steal it from them! This tri-tip had better marbling than choice grades and as good as most prime.

I had to just fire up the Big Joe today, but the day started off kind of foggy.

A few hours later.

Love this combo. Oakridge Habanero & Santa Maria

Trying to keep the tip a bit colder for more even cooking.

Set up dual zone with the split heat deflector.

Reverse done, now the sear

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