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Default Restaurant Depot & Debit Cards

I am only posting this to educate those of you who wish to be informed. I'm trying not to impart opinion....but hey, my opinion is usually factual....

For the second time in less than 15 months, I have been one of the many thousands of Debit Card fraud victims....and the chance that the number and associated info was stolen from Restaurant Depot's data is very likely. The first time the card was compromised was around Thanksgiving 2011. My Credit Union's fraud company swept quickly and I was not severely impacted. I had to wait about 10 days to receive a new card from the time I was notified ( I was notified on Thanksgiving Morning 2011 and couldn't contact my Credit Union until Monday to order a new card).

This time, I was notified last Thursday (1/18 by phone call and I called my Credit Union the next day to let them know all the specifics.

The fraud company asked me about several charges from Wal-Mart and Target, none of which I participated in or authorized. I thought I was good. They shut the card down.

Not so fast....It turns out that one charge was indeed pushed through by Visa. It appears this charge was done as a "credit" and the signature line was signed (not by me, I have no idea what the signature looked like). This was at a Wal-Mart in Indianapolis.

I have learned that Visa has succumbed to pressure by Wal-Mart to indeed push through authorizations to charge and collect charges if there is ANY signature acquired on a credit purchase. This means the merchant (WM) GETS PAID.

What you then have to do is go through the formal dispute process. You have to take your time, inquire with the card issuer, fill out forms or verbally explain and answer questions and then the card issuer will present this to Visa for them to investigate. This is a several-week-long process and unless your card issuer wants to put the money back in your account, you are out the money until Visa determines the charge(s) are fraudulent.

Bottom only at RD and stay out of WM...

BTW, I have used a credit card at RD with no future problems. It appears the scammers that are able to get the info from RD know what numbers are associated with debit cards. Or the Credit Card system is better.
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