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I am am going to add to this and put an end to the drama.

This forums goal is knowledge sharing. Period.

I got a call from a friend yesterday.... Phil, what size tires on on your jeep, i never thought he was stealing Chrysler/Jeep designs.

What are the dimensions of the firebox on my Klose Backyard chef?? What is the shape of of the diverter in a hondo, or the boiler door on a jambo...Or does anyone know if Plowboy uses Cumin in his rub? Questions like this are asked 1000's of times here.

Are we really expected to avoid these questions, or remove them?
NEVER.! Those are unreasonable expectations for any public forum. Without sharing our information and our ideas we would be nothing.

There is no business owner worth his salt that does not expect their ideas or products to be replicated, duplicated or fabricated. This forum specifically has 2 other 'pirated' forums which duplicates our content verbatim and claims it their own. Just today, i was informed of someone using our logo and claiming they designed it, whereas I have the evolution of our logo going back 10 years and have it registered with the patent attorneys office. Its inevitable the minute your design hits the streets that someone will want to copy it. Information that can be gotten by walking into lowes with a tape measure is not protected by any means, registered or not. Weber cannot hide the fact that the kettle is 22 inches and its not wrong to ask someone to measure the grate in their kettle.

The idea of homebuilt knockoffs and the search for information is all over this forum, always will be and is 100% impossible to police or avoid, and would be a mistake to discourage. We have had discussions about backwoods, spicewines, stumps, langs, klose, komodos and BGE.. EVERYONE OF THEM HAVE COMMON COMPONENTS, AND each one stands on its own.

Granted that if asking for all the nitty gritty details of a cooker openly stating your going into business is at the least, in poor taste and may face discouragment, but we are not the USPTO, and cannot stifle or discourage the ingenuity and curiosity of our members. Home built pits are just as much part of BBQ as is home made rubs. We cant police every question and we cant stifle the flow of information.
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