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Originally Posted by TooSaucedToPork View Post
Really??? King of Smokers, Sam's, World Food Championships??

Not to disrespect people's opinions but, they've only been around a couple years. You'll find just as many (if not more) teams with amazing track records at the Jack, MIM, and the Royal.

Not to discount those contests, but the prestige of contests is built by the skill of the teams competing AND age. In order of oldest to youngest: The Houston Rodeo, Memphis in May, the Royal, and the Jack are BBQ institutions...that creates prestige.

Wait ten years and ask this question again...I bet you ten bucks the four listed above will still be around, and still be considered the most prestigious in BBQ, where as many of the others; Sam's, World Food, King of Smokers...will be in the ash pan. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see them lasting the decades the Legendary 4 have.
I agree with most of what you said and said as much back on page one. However the original question was what is the "biggest/most respected bbq comp" and that does not always coincide with what is the oldest/most prestigious.
I agree with and like what you referred to as " the Legendary 4". But to say that a contest cannot be considered to be one of the most respectable for no other reason than longevity i think, is off base.
I have no idea how long some of these contests will be around but happen think that any title paying $50k to a team that wins a 3 round tournament of some of the best teams in the country has my respect.
As for KOS, when you have cooks the caliber of a Rod Gray talking about how great a contest he did not win was on the ride home, I think it might be a just a little bit special.
Now if we ask the question in ten years as you suggest, these newer contest still won't IMO have the same status as "the 4" but they will have had a pretty good run. If we're saying the same thing 20 years from now, then they might be approaching Legendary. To say that they can't be respected now because they are in their early years though, I don't think is fair.
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