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If not cooking a lot of volume I have used the Cajun injectors, some larger ones from butchers, and I have a spithack but find the needles to be ginormous!

My new favorite is from a vet supply house. Reletively inexpensive, and all but eliminates refilling. You just put one end of a plastic/rubber tube in a jar of whatever you're injecting, connect the other end to the injector, and squeeze.

Hard to search on my phone but will find and post later today. Was suggested by Todd from plowboys.
ONLY issue I've found is that, because of the small valves it uses to pump, you need to filter the injection to prevent clogs

Edit - here's the original thread

Its made to innoculate a large number of animals at once. I actually ended up with two different ones. Once I locate the link to the better of the two, I'll post the links to both

This is the one I like the best....happen's it was the one Todd recommended

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