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Default I've returned with a Rec Tec & pics.

In 2011 I joined up here when I purchased a Traeger Jr. Unfortunately the computer I had then died & I lost track. Well, I'm back, not only with my Traeger Jr but a new Rec Tec as well. I've been cooking almost every night on the RT since I got it a month ago. Don't get me wrong, I had great success in my Jr, even a few 15+ pound briskets that were fantastic. Just wanted more grill space so I stepped up to the RT. Here are a few of my first cooks on the RT.

My first cook was 3 racks of St Louis ribs.

My first Brisket as it hits the stall.

Here it is sliced up.

Some stuffed Poblano's

And last nights bone in ribeye. (Love meat with handles)

Never thought I could grill like this on a pellet smoker. Love this Rec Tec.
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