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Originally Posted by PatioDaddio View Post
It would appear that there's sufficient rocket surgery involved to foil many
would be craftsmen, which is a good thing.

It kills me that it's "just a smaller UDS", yet it would appear that folks are
finding out that it's not. If it is a small UDS, just get a 30-gallon drum and
build a smaller UDS. Simple, eh?

Yes I think it is simple. It's somewhat insulting to insist that thousands of people can build a uds, but throw in a couple of pieces of rebar and a powder coating and they will be lost? Come on! I make a living building things with my hands.

As far as putting my money where my mouth is , I intend to do just that. I've checked on prices for PC'ing, pretty cheap actually. Rebar? It's on every job I go on. Same for the 14" pipe. Most of the pipe fitters I know would glady give me such a small piece, even cut it for me. Welding the basket? Yeah I can do that too. And unlike the pbc's, I'd actually weld around the entire basket, not a spot weld here and there. Putting holes in the barrel? I know how to use unibits and hole saws, been using them for years as an electrician. Hooks? I could use stainless rod, bend it, then sharpen with a grinder. But to be honest, I'd probably order those, possibly from PBC.

Lets see, anything else? Oh yeah you like to mention that the owners a veteran. I joined the Marine Corps when I was 17. Joined during war time. Desert Storm. Does that count? And I wont need anybodies number on the side, being as I built it. Patented? Personally my intakes would be just like on my uds, ball valve and 1 or 2 close nipples w/ pipe caps. At that point the patents not an issue anymore, is it? Plus I could adjust on the fly, instead of looking for a screwdriver.

As far as any morality issue is concerned that might prevent me from building one, again Noah didn't invent them. He did like everybody else does. Researched it, then took what he thought were the best ideas, and then implemented them. Tested the prototype, then continued to build and tweak them till he was satisfied.

Now, tell me again why I couldn't or shouldn't build one? Then again, isn't Noah a member here?

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