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Originally Posted by Bluesman View Post
Guess I need another hobby to feed this hobby.......So, why raised beds over flat? I know were I live the rabbits eat everything. Do you guys have rabbit problems? And what in the Fark do you do will all these veggies and herbs!! So now I gotta take up canning as well..... Go ahead, get me hooked I'm easy and I like to cook and eat...............
When I started some 20 years ago, I tilled up some ground and planted plants bought from local store. Kept them watered and got a ok harvest. Since then I've learned what to plant next to each other and how to and when to harvest. My biggest suggestion would to build up your soil, add organic manure, get a good weeding hoe and water regularly. Mine is watered automatically every night by sprinkler. Not the optimum way but it works. Last year off of 12 roma tomatoes plants I got a little over 200 pounds of tomatoes. Don't be afraid, jump in and grow fresh natural veggies. Your taste buds will appreciate it!

Home canned salsa on home made chorizzo and fresh home made flour tortilla.

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