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Originally Posted by PatioDaddio View Post
How about buying one to find out? It's pretty crass to ask on a public forum how to
copy a commercial product. Just sayin'...

We're not splitting the atom here... The basic design of the PBC is very simple and others who want to experiment before buying one or are frugal might try imitating it. Before I bought my PBC I built a UDS with stainless rods and hooks and it was great but I wanted to see what the original was like. When the PBC arrived I was surprised to see how close some of the things were to what I built on my UDS but also how some things were better on a comercial unit. I have not cooked on my PBC yet but there are going to be some significant quality differences between the PBC and DIY unit as well. The PBC is powder coated while the DIY paint is typically from high temp spray can, the charcoal basked on the PBC is fairly good and much better than the DIY charcoal grate and expanded metal solution, nice fitting lid with handles and a stand on the PBC compared to the garage door handles and myriad of lid/kettle lids available.
I think at $225 the PBC offers a lot for people that do not want to mess around tracking down barrels, removing liners and on and on. While I'm not going to put reversed engineered plans and information out on the PBC, it is unrealistic to believe that people wont try to copy it.
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