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Originally Posted by gaspipe1 View Post
what a great thread!! TY for sharing this info. Tell ya what if I was going down to MIM I would be joining your team 100%. Seems that's the only way to do it and have fun. What's it run to join the team or be a guest?
We hold a Brethren Mixer/Happy Hour on Thursday that is free to all BBQ Brethren. As far as being a member of the team, we have different memberships for different wants and needs.

Some people just want to eat, drink, cook, and party so we have a membership for that.

Some people want to do a few of the above AND invite their friends, wives, girlfriends or families to do it with them, so we have a membership that reflects those extra costs.

Some people want to party 24/7 and in order to do that we have to buy extra 24 hour bands as MIM only gives teams 15 twenty four hour wristbands (and the category heads and cooks get those)

Gate admission is 11am-midnight...the cops line up at one side of the park at midnight and push everyone without a 24 hour band from the South gate to the Beale Street gate. Going down the entire mile of Team Booths, they check tent to tent for wristbands and people hiding. This becomes a wave of 10's of thousands of people with the cops behind them...kind of like midnight of Fat Tuesday on Bourbon Street.

So, if you like, pm me and I will send you a team info sheet, team application, and membership list. We always love having Brethren on the team!

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