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Originally Posted by Big slick View Post
So I am planning to do about 15-20lbs of country style ribs for Super Bowl Sunday. Problem is, we don't have true country style ribs around here. What we have is more of what people refer to on here as pork steaks (sliced up pork butt). I don't really care that they're not true country style ribs because I can get a lot of them for close to nothing and that's music to my ears. My problem is how long to cook them? Now I have made these a couple times before but I never wrote down for how long and at what temp?

I plan to cook them up like ribs (dry rubbed/foiled/sauced). I almost always cook at 250-275 regardless of what I'm making. So i'm not concerned really about temp. I just don't know how long to cook them for. They are normally about an inch thick I that helps at all.

I appreciate any and all help you guys can provide me with.
Country style ribs are usually cut from the end of the loin and can dry out quicker because the meat is dense and not marbled. however your pork steaks will have good marbling for cooking at 250 - 275 as you indicated.

I think your best bet is Patio Daddio's true and tried recipe.....

sounds like you need to start keeping a log book for reference.

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