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Default UDS briquet/wood question

This is my first real post other than an intro in the new members spot. I have a question on briquet control in my UDS. I have thick skin and cant take criticism so feel free to speak your mind.

I have a recently built UDS specs are as follows:

55 gallon drum.
Still using the dual opening drum top(looking for a kettle top).
I have four intakes 2 inches from the bottom equally spaced.
Using magnets to control all four intakes.
Fire basket is ~11x8x6.

I'm trying to get the temp control better, i have it at consistent heat 215-230 or so. But im adding more charcoal about every 40 minutes, obviously this isnt right, considering i see people say they can let it got overnight no problem.

I started with 15 or 16 placed flat in the basket then put 7 pre lit (in a chimney) on top. Took about an hour or to hit 225. After that i needed to keep putting another 8 back into it to keep the temp up.

Would starting with a bigger pile of un lit charcoal help me? Say 30 or so unlit in the bottom and maybe 10 started in the chimney? I dont mind having to add any, but every 40 minutes im thinking is a bit much.

Also, when i start to throw wood into it how will that change the process?

Thanks for the help guys and gals.
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